Ventanas weaves in and out of upbeat Bulgarian dance tunes, Greek, Lebanese, Turkish, Ukrainian and Sephardic love songs and heart-wrenching Flamenco palos, leading captive audiences through windows into other lands and cultures.


Tamar Ilana - Vocals
Mark Marczyk - Violin
Demetrios Petsalakis - Oud
Dennis Duffin - Flamenco Guitar
Jaash Singh - Darbouka / Cajon
Alex Talbot - Flamenco Dance
Jessica Hana Deutsch - Violin

Special Guests

Ilse GudiƱo - Flamenco Dance
Benjamin Barille - Flamenco Guitar
Stephania Woloshyn - Dance

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Ventanas - A group that can get the party going, take you on a whimsical journey and lure you in.
-Pascale Wilmot, The Royal Conservatory (Toronto)



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